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Hydranautics Membranes

Hydranautics Membranes

Lower Pricing on Hydranautics Membranes!  Contact us for a quote today!


Applied Membranes offers Hydranautics Membranes at the lowest possible price.  Choose a membrane series below to view product specifications and ordering information. 

New!  Hydranautics New "LD" Membranes use 31 mil brine spacer lowers the Delta P, making it a perfect fit for scenarios that demand a lower fouling /low maintenance membrane while maintaining high permeate flow.  Available in ESPA2-LD & 4040, CPA5-LD & 4040, SWC5-LD & 4040,and LFC3-LD & 4040.  Click a product series below for specifications.


Low Energy/High Flow Tap & Brackish Water Thin Film Membranes. 

The growing family of ESPA (Energy-Saving Polyamide) RO membranes continue to meet the ever-increasing demands of the water treatment industry. Industrial users worldwide have made ESPA their first choice for high productivity and salt rejection.  There's an ESPA solution to satisfy even the most challenging water treatment needs with exceptional performance, productivity and savings.

Hydranautics ESPA Series Membranes

High Rejection Tap & Brackish Water Thin Film Membranes

When high performance counts, CPA membranes from Hydranautics set the standard for RO membrane elements.  CPA membranes provide the highest salt rejection rates available - every element on every order for every customer.

Hydranautics CPA Series Membranes

Seawater Membranes

Hydranautics has over two decades of experience in desalination and over 1.7 million cubic meters (461 million gallons per day) of seawater treated by their SWC (seawater composite) membranes. SWC seawater desalination membranes are available in  8-inch and 4-inch elements. Membrane formulations are designed to accommodate varying levels of seawater salinities worldwide with reliable field-proven performance.

Hydranautics SWC Series Membranes

Low Fouling Membranes

Hydranautics' LFC  (Low Fouling Composite) membranes offer breakthrough technology in the treatment of difficult feedwaters and municipal wastewater.  This membrane is well suited for the treatment of difficult feed waters for numerous municipal and industrial applications, which up to now required significant feed water pretreatment upstream of any composite reverse osmosis membrane.

Hydranautics LFC Series Membranes

Nanofiltration Membranes

ESNA series membranes are high performance nanofiltration membranes ideal for softening applications and the removal of pesticides, bacteria or viruses. They provide 50%-90% salt rejection with ultra-low-pressure operations, increased energy savings, and significantly lower installation and operating costs.

Hydranautics ESNA Series Membranes

Ultrafiltration Membranes

HYDRAcap enhances RO and NF element system design and operating conditions when used as a pre-treatment step for desalination, treatment of surface waters and municipal and industrial effluents.

Hydranautics ESNA Series Membranes

SanRO Series

SanRO membranes from Hydranautics are designed for maximum performance and sanitizing efficacy in systems making USP (United States Pharmacopea) classified water. SanRO's design eliminates “dead” flow areas that are potential breeding grounds for bacterial growth and ensures maximum ion removal with minimal fouling.

Hydranautics ESNA Series Membranes



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