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Media Filters, Water Softeners, Carbon Filters and Other Media Filtration

Media Filtration Systems & Components for Water Treatment

Complete Media Filtration Systems with Automatic Backwash

AMI manufactures a large range of media filters for a variety of applications. Our media filters are equipped with automatic control valves for hassle-free regeneration and backwash cycles. Please click on one of our product lines below to view detais for that application.

Media Filtration Systems for Water Filtration
Water Softeners to Remove Dissolved Minerals (Hardness)

Time Clock Water Softeners

Single Water Softeners with a timered valve are programmed to regenerate at a specific time of day. They are usually scheduled to regenerate at 2am, when the demands for soft water are expected to be very low. These can be set to regenerate every day, every two to three days, or on certain days of the week.

Metered Water Softeners Metered Water Softeners are prompted to regenerate based on the amount of water that has passed through the unit. Like the timered softeners, these can be programmed to regenerate at a certain time of day. Instead of regenerating on a specific day as a timered softener does, the metered softener does not schedule a regeneration until the specified amount of water has passed through the softener. These units can save water by preventing unnecessary regenerations since it does not regenerate until the resin is near its capacity.

Twin Alternating Water Softeners Ideal for situations where uninterrupted flow of soft water is a must, our twin softeners consist of two resin tanks. One resin tank is always in service, while the other tank is in standby. When the meter determines that the resin is near its capacity, it will switch the tank in standby to be in service, and the tank containing the exhausted resin switches into regeneration, and then into standby.
Media Backwash Filters for Water Filtration

Carbon Filters

Reduce chlorine, organics, color, tannin and objectionable tastes and odors.

Multi Media Filters

Highly efficient for sediment removal to remove particles 5-15 microns in size or larger.

Filter-Ag Filters

A highly efficient media filter for the reduction of suspended matter.  Filter-Ag is a non-hydrous silicon dioxide media.

Greensand Filters

Reduce iron, manganese & hydrogen sulfide from water through oxidation and filtration.

Pyrolox Filters

A mined ore, Pyrolox effectively reduces iron, sulfur and manganese from problem water.

Calcite Filters

Neutralize acidic or low pH waters to a neutral, less corrosive effluent.

Media Filtration Components

AMI maintains an extensive stock of media and filter components.  Please choose a category below for more information.

Ion Exchange Resins
Ion Exchange Resin for Water Treatment
Filtration Media
Water Filtration Media
Fleck Control Valves
Fleck Control Valves for Media Filters
Mineral Tanks
Mineral Tanks for Media Filters
SS Tank Jackets
Stainless Steel Jackets for Media Tanks

Tank Adapters & Closures
Tank Adapters and Closures
Distributors for Media Tanks
Distributors and Hub and Lateral for Media Filters
Brine Tanks
Brine Tanks for Softener Regeneration
KMNO4 Feeders
Potassium Permanganate KMNO4 Feeders
Media Filtration Components
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