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AMI Mineral Reverse Osmosis plus Ultrafiltration Point of Use Drinking Water Treatment Systems

AMI Mineral RO + UF Point of Use Water Treatment with Adjustable TDS Controls

AMI Home Water Treatment Systems
AMI Mineral Reverse Osmosis and Ultrafiltration Water Treatment Systems

Under-sink Home Drinking Water Treatment Systems with Adjustable TDS Controls to Customize Mineral Content and Flavor

AMI Mineral RO + UF Water Filter Systems take point of use reverse osmosis water treatment to the next level by adding a TDS adjustment feature with an ultrafiltration water treatment phase.   Available in several classic and enclosed configurations, the AMI Mineral RO + UF systems are configured with sediment, GAC, and block carbon prefilters to remove the physical and chemical impurities and ensure long term reliable operation of the membrane elements.    Next the water is treated by a reverse osmosis membrane, with a user-adjustable blending valve to adjust TDS levels and mineral flavor by directing a portion of the water to bypass the  RO membrane.   The bypass water is then filtered with an advanced hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane to safeguard against any harmful contaminants while retaining the minerals and flavor.      Finally the product water is stored in a 3 gallon pressurized storage tank, with an in-line carbon post filter installed just before the faucet to refresh the flavor as it dispenses.

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