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Car Wash and Spotless Rinse

AMI RO Systems, NF Systems and water softening products for car washes are compact and available in wall-mount configuration to take up minimum space while delivering purified water for more effective wash, longer lasting equipment, and a spot free shine.

Car Wash and Spotless Rinse

Water quality is key to running effective and lucrative carwash operations. Not only is water used during the wash process, but it also has a direct impact on the lifespan of wash equipment and the effectiveness of soaps, detergents, and chemicals.

Salt, hardness, minerals, and other impurities in city water cause spotting, and customers expect a spot free shine when leaving a car wash. Reverse Osmosis demineralizes and purifies the water allowing you to achieve a spotless and sparkling clean result. Using treated water also increases the effectiveness of soaps and detergents by removing minerals which hinder detergent performance, allowing for more effective washing and savings in the amount of labor and supplies used. Demineralizing the water through RO, NF, or softening reduces equipment maintenance and downtime as well as prolonging equipment life by preventing sediment and scale build up.

A proper water treatment solution will directly impact your profits due to more effective washes, less labor for post wash activities, less equipment maintenance, and an improved final product for increased customer satisfaction.


Benefits of Using Treated Water for Car Wash and Spotless Rinse

  • Deliver a glossy, spot free shine for higher customer satisfaction
  • Increase the effectiveness of soaps and detergents for a better wash
  • Prolong the life of nozzles and equipment by preventing scale buildup
  • Lower equipment maintenance cost
  • Less labor and detergent required due to more effective washing and detergent performance