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Disaster Relief and Mobile Water Treatment

AMI Membrane Water Treatment Systems can be airlifted into areas of need and quickly connected to immediately begin turning any seawater, brackish water or fresh water source into potable water in emergency or remote situations.

Disaster Relief and Mobile Water Treatment

In emergency situations and disasters such as drought, flood, earthquakes, fire, or war, it is imperative to establish a safe and reliable supply of potable water immediately. Constructed inside of rugged 40' or 20' ISO containers or trailer-mounted, AMI disaster relief water treatment systems are portable, fast to begin operating, protected from harsh environment, and capable of producing potable water from virtually any fresh, brackish, or seawater source.

Portable systems are also suitable for establishing water treatment supplies in remote locations. With solar powered operation and trailer mounted options available, AMI mobile water treatment systems are versatile and durable for use in almost any environment.

AMI system containerization takes advantage of a small-footprint to treat water from virtually any source, at any scale.


Benefits of Containerized Water Treatment Systems

  • Create clean, potable water from virtually any water source
  • Constructed in 40' or 20' ISO Containers for Portability
  • Designed for fast and easy hookup with minimal technical expertise required
  • Self-Contained Operation; Containerized and Portable for Water Treatment in Remote Locations
  • Highly Efficient, Customizable and Economical

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