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DOW FilmTec ECO Low Energy High Rejection Reverse Osmosis Elements

ECO RO Elements

DOW FilmTec Membranes
DOW FilmTec ECO elements feature next-generation membrane technology offering the highest quality permeate at 30% lower energy consumption.

By using new membrane chemistry and low dP feed spacers, DOW FILMTEC ECO elements are able to help deliver significantly lower energy costs and reduced chemical consumption in downstream polishing costs. With a new industry-leading performance rejection of 99.7% at 150 psi, DOW FILMTEC ECO elements provide robust performance over a longer element life. At highest quality, the elements deliver 40% lower salt passage at 30% less energy when compared with standard RO elements.

Plants that switch from conventional RO elements to DOW FILMTEC ECO elements enable lower energy usage and reduced regeneration costs.

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