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Fleck 9100 Twin Alternating Water Softener Valves

Fleck 9100 Twin Alternating Valves

Fleck Control Valves for Softeners and Media Filters Fleck 9100 & 9100SXT Series Residential Twin Alternating Softener Control Valves

Fleck’s 9100 valve controls the regeneration of both tanks in a twin alternating softener and is ideal for twin residential or light commercial water softeners up to 16” diameter tank size. The 9100 valve body is offered in the classic mechanical design for rugged construction and simple operation, as well as in the 9100SXT Electronic Programmable style for an extended range of settings and options capabilities.

Fleck Control Valves automatically control the backwash and regeneration cycles for water softeners to keep your water softener working at optimal performance all the time. Twin alternating softeners are metered for on-demand regeneration when a pre-set volume of water has been used. Ideal for situations where uninterrupted flow of soft water is a must twin softeners consist of two resin tanks. One resin tank is always in service, while the other tank is in standby. When the meter determines that the resin is near its capacity, it will switch the tank in standby to be in service, and the tank containing the exhausted resin switches into regeneration, and then into standby.

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