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Food Processing


AMI water treatment systems are custom tailored using advanced water purification and reverse osmosis to eliminate contaminants and microorganisms for better sanitation and increased consumer safety.



Food Processing

Contamination is a leading concern in the food and dairy processing industry, as it poses a direct threat to consumer safety. A reliable supply of clean water is crucial for rinsing food products and equipment, and AMI systems can be custom engineered to meet strict requirements.

Additionally, AMI offers custom membrane elements specially designed for the food and dairy industry, for concentrating milk and cheese whey, juice, maple sap, and other food products.

Applied Membranes has been serving the food and dairy industries since 1983 and has installed systems in many of the leading food producers worldwide. Our list of successful installations includes Bumblebee Foods, LLC, Dannon, Califia Farms, Sun Pacific, and many other food and dairy processors worldwide.

Water Treatment Systems for Food Processing Tuna Fish Water Treatment Systems for Food Processing Yogurt Water Treatment Systems for Food Processing Almond MilkWater Treatment Systems for Sun Pacific Oranges


Benefits of Using Treated Water For Food and Dairy Processing

  • Clean water for rinsing food and equipment
  • More efficient food concentration for higher quality products

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