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Grundfos Pump & Motor Assemblies for Commercial RO

Grundfos Pump & Motor Assemblies

Grundfos Pump & Motor Assemblies for Commercial RO

Grundfos CR, CRI and CRN pumps are vertical multistage centrifugal pumps.  The in-line design enables the pump to be installed in a horizontal one-pipe system where the suction and discharge ports are in the same horizontal plane and have the same pipe dimensions.  This design provides a more compact pump design and pipework.

Grundfos CR pumps come with various pump sizes and various numbers of stages to provide the flow and the pressure required.  CR pumps are designed for a variety of applications from the pumping of potable water to the pumping of chemicals. The pumps are therefore suitable for a wide diversity of pumping systems where the performance and material of the pump meet specific demands.

The CR pumps consist of two main components: the motor and the pump unit. The motor of CR pumps is a Grundfos motor designed to EN standards. The pump unit consists of optimized hydraulics, various types of connections, an outer sleeve, a pump head and various other parts.

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