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Harmsco Hurricane Filter Cartridges

Hurricane Filter Cartridges

Harmsco Filtration Products Water Filter Cartridges

Harmsco Hurricane Filter Cartridges for use in Harmsco Single-Cartridge SS Hurricane and WaterBetter Filter Housings

  • HCP Series Hurricane Polyester Cartridges: Provides reliable sediment filtration at high flows with lower initial pressure drop.
  • Absolute Rated Poly-Pleat Hurricane Filter Cartridges: Offer 1 Micron Absolute for Cryptosporidium and Giardia Cysts; Sediment Removal & Turbidity Reduction
  • HCAP Series Hurricane All-Poly Cartridges are designed for most applications where absolute rated pleated filtration is needed and are constructed with 100% polypropylene materials.
  • SureSafe Hurricane Cartridges are fabricated with the latest in Silver Zeolite technology and provide antimicrobial protection on the cartridge.
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