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Harmsco SureSafe Antimicrobial Filter Cartridges

SureSafe Antimicrobial Filter Cartridges

Harmsco Filtration Products Water Filter Cartridges

Premium quality cartridges made from pleated polyester with Silver Zeolite Fibers for Long Life and High Dirt-Holding Capacity.

Harmsco® SureSafe™ Cartridges utilize Silver Zeolite technology. Combining inert organic materials with silver into our filter media enables our cartridges to help reduce odor-causing bacteria and inhibit growth of destructive mold and mildew on the filter cartridge.  Harmsco®

SureSafe™ Media is interwoven with the latest in Silver Zeolite technology.

Harmsco SureSafe cartridges will continue to provide safety and protection for your customers and provide antimicrobial protection on the cartridge.

Designed for Harmsco HIF, Band Clamp, and Calypso Blue™ (Big Blue) Filter Housings.

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