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Marine Seawater Desalination

AMI Seawater Desalination RO Watermakers convert seawater to drinking water. Their compact design makes them ideal for use on yachts, boats, cruise ships, and resorts.

Marine Seawater Desalination

Enjoy the freedom of producing clean, fresh drinking water from seawater and eliminating frequent marina stops to refill water tanks. Watermaker seawater desalination systems use reverse osmosis technology to treat virtually any seawater source into fresh, safe water which can be used for drinking, bathing, food preparation, deck and exterior wash-downs, and a variety of other uses.

Land based installations can be used to supply freshwater to marinas, hotels, resorts, military operations, off-shore platforms, and a large variety of other applications.


Benefits of Seawater Desalination Systems for Marine Applications

  • Enjoy High Quality, Great-Tasting Water and Beverages. AMI Watermakers use the same technology as most bottled water facilities.
  • Carry Less Weight by producing water as you need it instead of stocking over a thousand pounds of water from a marina stop, allowing you to cruise faster and use less fuel.
  • Improve the Quality of Onboard life by producing enough water for hot showers and grooming.
  • Avoid Frequent Marina Stops to Refill Water Tanks
  • Improve yacht maintenance with frequent fresh water wash downs.