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Microelectronics and Semiconductor Rinse Water

AMI water treatment systems for microelectronics and semiconductor rinse water remove contaminants, minerals, microorganisms and trace chemicals to produce ultrapure water that meets the stringent purity level requirements required in manufacturing.

Microelectronics and Semiconductor Rinse Water

Semiconductor chip manufacturing processes require ultrapure water at nearly every step. Treating raw water to the purity levels required in semiconductor manufacturing demands a robust sequence of advanced processes and water treatment technologies for removing contaminants, minerals, microorganisms, and trace organic and nonorganic chemicals, including other nanoscale particles. AMI systems for semiconductor rinse water are designed to produce ultrapure water (UPW) to be used in cleaning and etching processes and to wash and rinse semiconductor parts throughout the manufacturing cycle.

AMI has many ultrapure water treatment systems operating in the microelectronics and semiconductor industry worldwide. Our list of successful installations includes Hua Yue Microelectronics and many more.


Benefits for Ultrapure Water Treatment Systems for Microelectronics Manufacturing

  • Produce Ultrapure Water for use in microelectronics manufacturing
  • Reliable operation for increased uptime.
  • Conservatively engineered for long term reliability.
  • Factory tested to ensure trouble-free operation
  • Microprocessor controlled operation

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