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Multi-Media Backwash Filters with AquaMatic Valve Nests

Multi-Media Backwash Filters with AquaMatic Valve Nests

Automatic Backwash Multimedia Filters for Sediment Removal with Aquamatic Next Valves

AquaMatic Valve Nests replace the standard single-valve controller head for larger systems. In valve nest filters a set of five valves controls service, backwash and rinse flows at different points in the system. This eliminates the need for a center riser tube and distributor resulting in better flow distribution for higher efficiency and lower pressure drops. Multiple filter tanks can be used in parallel for higher flow requirements.

All of the valves are automated by a central electronic controller. (Electromechanical or PLC Controller are available upon request.) The same controller can be used to automate up to four filter tanks simultaneously.

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