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Products and Markets


Applied Membranes manufactures commercial and industrial reverse osmosis systems, from 100 gallons per day to millions of gallons per day. These systems also include all pretreatment such as Carbon Filters, Water Softeners, Iron Filters and post-treatment equipment such as Electrodeionization, UV Systems, and Ozone Systems.

Applied Membranes also manufactures reverse osmosis membrane elements for reverse osmosis, Nanofiltration, Ultrafiltration and Microfiltration.

We also carry every component used in building reverse osmosis systems of any size. Our large inventory of these components allows us to give our customers a fast and efficient service. We are a master stocking distributor for many of the prominent brands in the water treatment industry. We are also the largest stocking distributor of FilmTec (Dow) membranes.

Applied Membranes is constantly striving to keep up with new products and new technology.


Applied Membranes sells systems for all applications where reverse osmosis technology is proven and competitive. Examples of these applications are ultrapure water for semiconductor and pharmaceutical industry; potable water from well, river or sea water; rinse water for manufacturing, car wash, or electroplating industry; central water supply for hemodialysis; water recycle for municipal of industrial water.

Our products are sold worldwide through original equipment manufacturers or company representatives. These companies also provide local service and parts for the operations and maintenance of systems. Some markets are served directly by Applied Membranes from its offices in Vista, California.

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