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AMI Replacement Membranes for Other Manufacturers

AMI Membranes High Quality Membrane Elements
AMI Manufactures membranes which have been specially designed to replace membranes of other brands. The size and configuration are designed for direct replacement into the housing.

Choose a manufacturer below, or click here for our cross reference chart.

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Reverse Osmosis Membranes Replacement Cross-Reference Chart

Manufacturer Model No. Our Model No.
American Plumber
WRO-3167 M-T1812A24
WRO-31687 M-T1812A24
Ametek/US Filter
RO-2127 M-C1812A15
RO-3167 M-T1812A24
RO-45 M-T1812A36
RO-90 M-T1812A75
Aqua-Cleer / Culligan
LC-50 50 Gallon Per Day TFC M-T1812AC50
H-30 36 Gallon Per Day TFC M-T1812AC50
H-53, H5 Series 16 CTA M-C1812C10
H8, H-83, H-82, AC-30,
AC-15 Series 18 GPD TFC
H8, H-83, H-82, AC-30,
AC-15 Series 36 GPD TFC
H8, H-83, H-82, AC-30,
AC-15 Series 50 GPD TFC
Aqua Flo
E24TFC-2 M-T1812A24
E24TFC-3 M-T1812A24
E35TFC-3 M-T1812A36
E50TFC-2 M-T1812A50
E50TFC-3 M-T1812A50
E75TFC-3 M-T1812A75
APRO 5000 M-T1812A24
RO-TS3C-10 M-C1812A10
RO-TS3T-24 M-T1812A24
RO-TS4T-24 M-T1812A24
ERO B524 M-T1812A24
Farris Enterprises
Genesis ROS3 M-C1812A10
Genesis ROS4 M-T1512A18
Genesis ROS4-3 M-T1512A18
Genesis ROS5 M-T1812A24
Economy M-T1812A50
Ultra Slim M-T1812A36
RO-5 M-T1512A18
RO-9100 M-T1512A18
AV180 M-T1512A18
TW30HP-2526 M-T2526A
Filter Direct
RO-316 M-C1812C10
RO-435 M-T1812A36
RO-535 M-T1812A36
General Electric
GXRV10ABL01 M-T1512A18
PNRV12ZBL01 M-T1512A18
GE Osmonics
S152-36S (50 gpd) M-T1812A50
S152-36S (100 gpd) M-T1812A100
RO-5 M-T1512A18
RO-9100 M-T1512A18
Bare Bones 10 M-C1812A10
Bare Bones 20 M-C1812A20
Bare Bones 10 TFC M-T1512A12
Bare Bones 24 TFC M-T1812A24
Bare Bones 35 Hi-S M-T1812A36
Bare Bones 60 Hi-S M-T1812A75
Deluxe RO 35 Hi-S M-T1812A36
Deluxe RO 60 Hi-S M-T1812A75
Deluxe Maxxima 60 Hi-S M-T1812A75
Maxxima 24 M-T1812A24
Maxxima 50 M-T1812A50
Maxxima 35 Hi-S M-T1812A36
Maxxima 60 Hi-S M-T1812A75
Maxxima 24 R M-T1812A24
Maxxima 50 R M-T1812A24
RO 10 CTA M-C1812A10
RO 20 CTA M-C1812A20
RO 24 TFC M-T1812A24
RO 50 TFC M-T1812A50
RO 35 Hi-S M-T1812A36
RO 60 Hi-S M-T1812A75
RO 100 TFC M-T1812A100
RO 120 Hi-S  
RO 200 Hi-F M-T1812A100
Maxxima 24 M-T1812A24
Maxxima 50 M-T1812A50
Maxxima 60 Hi-S M-T1812A75
Maxxima 50 R M-T1812A24
KISS International
Diplomat, Aristocrat 3000,
Aristocrat 5000, Dutchess
M-C1812A15, M-T1512A18, M-T1812A36, M-T1812A50
* Please check the flow rate on your membrane, and if it is TFC or CTA.
4000 TCR M-T1812A36
CS Series N/A yet
Proline Plus 5-stage M-T1812A50
Proline Plus BP5-stage M-T1812A75
PuRo Line
PuRo Line 3000 CTA-16 M-C1812A15
PuRo Line 4000 TFC-36 M-T1812A36
PuRo Line 5000 TFC-50 M-T1812A50
PuRo Twist
PuRo Twist 3000 CTA 18 M-C1812A20
PuRo Twist 3000 TFC 15 M-T1512A18
PuRo Twist 3000 TFC 36 M-T1812A36
PuRo Twist 3000 TFC 50 M-T1812A50
PuRo Twist 4000 TFC 15 M-T1512A18
PuRo Twist 4000 TFC 36 M-T1812A36
PuRo Twist 4000 TFC 50 M-T1812A50
RTF-265 M-T1812A24
RCT-103 M-C1812A15
RO Kit (36-gpd) M-T1812A36

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