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Hydroponics & Cannabis Cultivation

Water is essential for plant growth, and the quality of the water used is especially vital for hydroponics growing. In a hydroponics cannabis garden, water carries the nutrients to the roots of the plant, then those nutrients are absorbed from the water. Water that is the wrong chemistry will make it difficult for your cannabis plants to absorb these nutrients and can starve or damage the plants. Untreated tap water contains high levels of sodium, chlorine, chemicals and other contaminants which can damage plant roots, slow plant growth and production, and even cause damage to your hydroponic system.

Purifying water through a reverse osmosis system provides high quality water that is perfectly suited for precise hydroponics nutrient dosing to achieve optimum cannabis plant health and growth.

Hydroponics & Cannabis Cultivation

Applied Membranes’ reverse osmosis systems for cannabis and hydroponics are designed to convert tap water or brackish water to pure water with chemistry specific to the needs of your plants to increase the quality and yield. Available in sizes ranging from 100 gallons per day to tens of thousands of gallons per day, AMI has RO and packaged water treatment systems to meet your production needs for your hydroponic cannabis cultivation.

With thousands of hydroponics and cannabis water treatment systems in operation, we have the experience and know-how to help you design or upgrade a water treatment system for your hydroponics facility.


Benefits of Reverse Osmosis for Hydroponics and Cannabis Cultivation

  • Healthier, Faster Growing Plants
  • Provides a ‘Blank Slate’ for Accurate Nutrient Dosing
  • Higher Crop Yields
  • Better Crop Quality
  • Protects Hydroponics Systems

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