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Zero Liquid Discharge Wastewater Treatment for Water Re-Use in Textile Plant

Applied Membranes collaborated with our partners in Mexico to design and implement a complete wastewater re-use solution for a major textile manufacturer in the City of Puebla, Mexico. The cutting-edge system is currently in operation with anaerobic, anoxic, and biomembrane processes working in conjunction with ozonation, activated carbon, and Applied Membranes Reverse Osmosis Water treatment. The RO reject is managed with evaporation, for total water reuse - greatly reducing production costs and environmental waste for the factory.

The Applied Membranes Reverse Osmosis water treatment system, controlled by a touch-screen PLC program, produces 50 gallons per minute of high-quality water using brackish water RO membranes. The system skid incorporates pretreatment filtration cartridges, media filters and chemical injection as well as clean-in-place and permeate flush loops to ensure a long membrane lifespan.

The effluent water is used directly in boilers, cooling towers, paint processes, general use, and even human consumption. The sustainability introduced by this cutting-edge installation has received government recognition for its positive impact on the Mexican economy, and for bringing the City of Puebla into compliance with the River Atoyac protection judgement.

Puebla’s Presidente Municipal Constitucional, Lic. Carlos Enrique Peredo Grau, attended the inauguration and presented Applied Membranes, Inc. with a certificate of gratitude for our contributions to the project.

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Zero Liquid Discharge Wastewater Treatment for Water Re-Use Applied Membranes Inc.
  • Flow Rate
  • 50 GPM
  • 190 LPM
  • 273 M3/Day
  • 2022
  • Mexico
Technologies Used
    • Reverse Osmosis

    • Media Filtration

    • Chemical Injection

    • Anaerobics

    • Anoxics

    • Biomembrane Treatment

    • Ozonation

    • Evaporation

    • PLC Controls

Special Features
    • Zero Liquid Discharge

    • CIP Cleaning and Permeate Flush

    • Remote Monitoring