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Automatic SDI Monitor - EZ SDI

Automatic SDI Monitor

The EZ™ and Enhanced SDI monitors automatically and consistently monitor the silt density index of RO feedwater. Monitoring the SDI is very useful to determine fouling problems before the membranes need replacement.

The EZ SDI™ is microprocessor controlled and fully automatic, allowing operators to quickly and regularly check the effectiveness of the RO pretreatment system.

The EZ SDI™ is designed for permanent installation. In order to prevent stagnant conditions in the sample line, the monitor continuously allows a side stream of sample to flow through the monitor up to the point where the sample enters the filter. A specially designed orifice controls the rate of this side-stream flow. The orientation of the flow control orifice also allows air in the sample line to be separated from the sample before the sample enters the filter holder.

The EZ SDI unit performs one test at a time, while the EZ SDI-4 performs up to 4 tests between filter change-outs

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