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DuPont FilmTec Membrane Elements (Formerly DOW)

DuPont (DOW) FilmTec Membranes

Applied Membranes is the largest stocking distributor of genuine DuPont (DOW) FILMTEC membrane elements in the world with over 30-years of hands-on experience using and supporting DOW FilmTec and DuPont FilmTec products. DuPont FilmTec (Formerly DOW FILMTEC) membranes are used for a variety of applications including residential, commercial, seawater, industrial water, nanofiltration , and ultrafiltrationmembrane water treatment,

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FilmTec Membrane Distributors - Large Stock of DuPont FilmTec Membranes

(Fomerly DOW FilmTec Membranes)

Applied Membranes, Inc., is the largest stocking distributor of DuPont FilmTec Membrane Elements in the world

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