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Culligan Compatible Home RO Filter Replacements

Culligan Compatible Home RO Filter Replacements

Culligan-Compatible sediment and block carbon filter cartridge replacements are intended for use in existing Culligan home point of use reverse osmosis systems to keep your RO System working at optimum performance and extend the life of the membrane.

These filters are compatible with RO Systems:

  • Culligan AC15
  • Culligan AC30
  • Culligan LC50
  • Culligan H-5
  • Culligan H-53
  • Culligan H-83
  • Culligan H-83S-R
  • Culligan H30S-R
  • Culligan H-30PRV-C
  • Culligan CTA-14S
  • Culligan CTA-3

Culligan Replacement Filters are Manufactured by KX Industries and Omnipure Filter Company.

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