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Myron L Analog Test Meters

Myron L Analog Test Meters

Myron L Analog RO Meters, DS Meters, pDS Meters

Myron L Company DS Meters™ provide fast, accurate, on-the-spot measurements of total dissolved solids (TDS) or conductivity. pDS Meters™ test conductivity or TDS, plus pH. Readings from their highly stable circuitry help assure product quality, prevent equipment damage and verify in-line instrumentation in a wide range of applications.

RO Meters have been designed specifically to demonstrate and test Point of Use (POU) reverse osmosis or distillation systems. By measuring electrical conductivity, it will quickly determine the parts per million/Total Dissolved Solids  (ppm/TDS) of any drinking water.  With a single “before and after” test, this handy device effectively  demonstrates how your RO or distillation system eliminates harmful dissolved solids. It will also service test systems, including membrane evaluation programs.

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