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Scale Filters - Phosphate Filter Cartridges

Scale Filters - Phosphate Filter Cartridges

AMI Specialty Filters

AMI H-F1099S Phosphate Series cartridges are non-refillable polyphosphate-adding cartridges designed to sequester iron and hardness to prevent scaling and precipitation reactions in beverage and ice making equipment when hard water is a problem. They can also be used as anti-scalers for pre R/O or distillation.

In addition to the scale prevention properties of polyphosphates, these salts combine with the surface metal inside pipes to form a protective layer that can reduce corrosion. This is  particularly desirable in handling low TDS, aggressive waters or acidic feed streams.

Encased a standard filter cartridge, the AMI scale & corrosion inhibitor cartridge will work in most 10" standard filter housings.

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