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Agriculture, Horticulture, and Landscaping

Water is essential for growth, and the quality of the water plays a key role in the health of vegetation and the yield, size, uniformity, and overall quality of crops. Municipal and Well Water used for irrigation can be high in salts, minerals, nitrates, iron, and other contaminants, introducing elements to the soil which can be detrimental to growth and crop yields. If left untreated over time, the effects accumulate as the salts and contaminants left in the soil become more concentrated. Using treated water not only promotes high quality crops immediately, but also the longevity of the useful life of soil.


Agriculture, Horticulture, and Landscaping

Applied Membranes has manufactured thousands agriculture water treatment systems, producing millions of gallons of water world-wide with chemistry designed to increase crop quality and yield. Our list of successful installations includes Del-Rey Avocado, Sun Pacific, and many more.

Water Treatment Systems for Avocados Water Treatment Systems for Citrus Cuties Mandarins Water Treatment Systems for Sun Pacific Oranges


Benefits of Using Treated Water in Agriculture, Hydroponics, and Landscaping

  • Higher Crop Yields
  • Better Crop Quality
  • Increased Crop Uniformity
  • Extends the useful Life of Soil
  • Healthier Plant Life

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Experience: Agriculture, Horticulture, and Landscaping

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