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KDF Filter Cartridges with GAC for Removal of Chlorine, Lead, and Heavy Metals

KDF Filter Cartridges

Aqualine by Systematix
Aqualine (Systematix) KDF Filter Cartridges contain a blend of KDF and high activity de-dusted granular activated carbon (GAC) to give extremely effective and long life de-chlorination capacity, and can be used anywhere regular GAC’s are used.  In addition to chlorine removal, KDF filters may be used for the removal of lead and heavy metals. The capacity will be approximately 20% of those listed for chlorine.

Since the Aqualine KDC Series also contain high activity GAC, they are an excellent choice for THM, tannin, and organic removal. The effectiveness will be in proportion to the GAC content of the cartridge. The KDC Series has great utility for general water purification operations, pre and post R/O, and drinking water filtration.

These filter cartridges will work in most 10" standard filter housings.

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