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Hanna Instruments for Commercial RO Systems

Hanna Instruments

Hanna Instruments TDS, pH, EC Monitors Commercial RO System ControllersHanna Instruments BL Series Mini-Controllers provide a solution for industries that require reliable, efficient and affordable process monitoring and control. Hanna BL Series Mini-Controllers are easy to use, durable and provide precise monitoring and control of pH, TDS, and EC.

Each Mini-Controller is 8 x 5 cm (3 x 2") in size and weighs less than 9 oz. The compact size and simplicity of design allows for easy installation and integration into almost any existing system. Each model is a single set point controller designed to control the operation of a pump, valve or mechanical device for dosing, filling and emptying tanks and rerouting flow.

The control action of each Mini-Controller can be disabled, set to automatic or manually operated directly from the front panel. A selectable "Overtime" overdosing system can deactivate a valve, pump, or other connected device if activation continues for more than the set time, which is adjustable from 5 up to 30 minutes.

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