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VIQUA HOME Series Whole-House UV Systems

VIQUA HOME Series Whole-House UV Systems

Sterilight UVMAX Viqua Ultraviolet UV Systems for Water Disinfection

VIQUA POE UV - HOME Series Point of Entry Whole-House Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems

VIQUA HOME Series Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems are specifically designed for point-of-entry water treatment in homes or light commercial applications where microbiological control is required. Viqua Sterilight Home UV Systems are point of entry (POE), which means they’re plumbed directly into the water line where it enters your house. This ensures that clean, safe water is available at every tap in your home! So whether you’re cooking, brushing your teeth, or having a shower, you can rest assured that your water is free from harmful microbes.

Viqua Whole-Home UV offers ultraviolet systems that range in flow rates from just 6 gpm for a small home or cottage, up to 18 gpm for a larger home or even a small business.

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