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R-Can Sterilight SUV Series Commercial/Industrial UV Systems

Please note that the R-Can SUV Series UV Systems have been discontinued by the manufacturer and are no longer available.  The specifications and replacement parts are listed here for reference for existing installations only.

Please Contact Applied Membranes with the details of your application to inquire about UV Systems in these flow ranges.


Replacement Parts- SUV Series

  For Models UV-SUV24P up to UV-SUV100P For Models UV-SUV225p up to UV-SUV800P
Replacement UV Lamp S36RL S64RL
Replacement Quartz Sleeve QS-012 QS-064
O-Ring for Quartz Sleeve OR-212 OR-COM

UV Monitor Assemblies: 

For SUV24:  254NM-04 For SUV 40-225: 254NM-05 For SUV400-800: 254NM-468

UV-RNSS - Nickel plated retaining nut for SUV-225 to SUV-800.

R-Can UV Systems- SUV Series - Discontinued - Specifications are listed for reference only.

AMI Model # Old AMI # Flow Rate Recommended In:  No. of Lamps Lamp Watts In/Out Conn., Inches Dimensions, Inches Weight Lbs.
Clear Water RO Water Reactor Chamber Control Panel Cell Dia.
SUV24P UV-SUV24P 24 90 30 113 2 78 1 MNPT 38x6x9 38×8×11 4 52
SUV40P UV-SUV40P 40 150 50 188 4 156 1.5 MNPT 38x8x11 17×17×6 6 80
SUV65P UV-SUV65P 65 244 80 300 6 234 2 MNPT 38x10x13 17×17×6 8 123
SUV100P UV-SUV100P 100 375 115 437 8 312 2 MNPT 38x10x13 17×17×6 8 124
SUV225P UV-SUV225P 225 844 260 974 8 520 4 Flange 68x10x17 17×17×6 8 --
SUV400P UV-SUV400P 400 1500 460 1741 16 1040 6 Flange 68x18x21 17×17×7 12 --
SUV600P UV-SUV600P200 600 2250 690 2612 24 1560 8 Flange 68x20x30 24×20×10 12 --
SUV800P UV-SUV800P200 800 3000 920 3450 32 2080 8 Flange 68x25x33 24×20×10 12 --

*For systems with UV Intensity Monitor, add "-M" to the end of the part no. Example:  SUV24P-M, SUV24P/2-M. Models listed above** are 100-130v/50-60Hz, add "/2" to the end of the part number, example: SUV24P/2 (**SUV600P & SUV800P are available in 200-250v/50-60Hz only)


Features & Specifications SUV Series
  • 316L SS electropolished reactor chamber, 304 SS control panel
  • Flanged chamber end plates
  • Separate NEMA 4X rated and modified control panel for installation flexibility
  • Individual lamp-on indicators and audible alarms
  • Sterilume™-EX UV lamps - hard glass, 254nm, 9000 hour lamp life
  • "Intelligent" electronic ballasts with internal damage limiting circuitry
  • On/Off power switch (separately fused)
  • Viewing port for operational monitoring (not available if UV intensity monitoring option is included)
  • Output plug for optional remote alarm (S-ROM/SUV)
  • Drain port for easy chamber flushing
  • Dry contact output connector (NO & NC) for solenoid valve, horn, etc.
  • Panel and Chamber high temperature sensors with audible & visual alarms
  • Elapsed Time Meter
  • Maximum Operating Pressure:  125 psi (8.62 bar)
  • Ambient Temperature:  36-104°F (2-40°C

Optional Features SUV Series

  • UV intensity monitor*, detects 254nm wavelength and displays the intensity level via a panel meter as well as audible and visual alarm indicators. Package includes an output plug for remove UV monitoring via a 4-20 mA output signal. To order the system with this feature, use suffix "PM, example: UV-SUV24PM.  Please note that this does apply to the SUV225p-SUV800P as these are sold with the intensity monitor as an integral feature.
  • S-ROM/SUV remote alarm package interfaces with the SUV system with audible & visual feature, 50' of cable included.
  • Light Traps, to isolate any direct UV exposure to the effluent piping stream. (Required when non-metallic materials are joined with the UV System, i.e. PVDF, PVC or polypropylene)
  • RA 15 Finish, pharmaceutical grade.
  • Sanitary Fittings
  • Flange Fittings










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